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Lauder Road
Wester Coates


Description of site:

The site is the garden ground in front of the lower flat in a flatted stone-built house in the West of Edinburgh. There was already an established garden but a new conservatory had been constructed at the West end of the house which had changed the relationship between house and garden resulting in a need for redesign of the garden. In particular the connection between the lower part of the garden and the steps leading to the conservatory needed to be sorted out and an area for sitting established with space for table and chairs. In addition the garage at the far end of the garden could only be reached across the lawn and a better connection between house and garage was required.

Privacy was an issue both in terms of the nearby busy road to the South and the proposed tram line which will run along the disused railway line to the West. There are pollarded trees along the West boundary wall which could become large and cast significant shade which should be considered and 2 apple trees to the East of the lawn which the client wanted to retain. Most of the lower garden was down to grass with some planting round edges and in the raised beds which form the upper terrace. The clients have 3 boys who are "football mad" so much of the grass should be retained.

Client's brief:

The client wanted a garden that is informal in nature although she liked the symmetry of the raised beds in front of the house (centred on the main door). The primary thing was the connection of the garden to the conservatory and provision of a seating area large enough to take a table seating 6 to 8 people. She likes subtle colours like lilac, green and white but with highlights. She was interested in providing space for either a greenhouse or a combined shed and summerhouse.


Current situation:

Phase 1 hard and soft landscape work is complete.


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