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Nine Mile Burn

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Description of site:

The site is the garden ground surrounding a detached house (built in 1898) close to the village of Uplawmoor to the South-west of Glasgow. The house is mock Tudor in style and the front faces North. House and garden are very much of the Victorian era in their overall effect. The garden overall is informal in nature.

The site slopes down away from the house at the front and up at the back and is awkward in shape. There is a fairly busy road close to the front boundary with a railway line on the far side. There is a good view out from the front of the house to a loch to the North-east which means a conflict between the need for privacy from the road and the need to keep this view.

There is a large amount of mature planting, including trees, in the garden much of which probably dates back to the original garden layout. Mature Rhododendrons (mainly Rh. ponticum) and Yews help to emphasize the woodland feel of the garden which is aided by the presence of scrubby woodland to the East of the property. Much of the planting was overgrown and severe pruning and/or removal will be required. The amount of moss present indicated a high degree of damp and shade and this was confirmed by the clients' comments. In particular there appeared to be problems with a drain which manifested in the lower lawn in front of the house and there had been problems in the back garden which had resulted in various forms of surface water drains in this area both inside and outside the property.

Client's brief:

The client wished to create a garden which enhances the house while maintaining its informal feel. They wanted places to sit including allowing herto have meetings outside in the summer. At the time they sat at the back of the house because of the traffic at the front but the best late afternoon and evening sun occurs at the front (close to an existing sun-dial) and this area should also be considered.

The boundary should be made to blend with its surroundings and screening and shelter made a priority, in particular along the edge of the road, although without interfering too much with views out from the house in particular the view to the loch which is extremely important to them.

They understood that because of the nature of the garden this is a project which would be carried out over a period of time with interventions occurring at intervals to achieve a long-term goal.

Current situation:

Phase 1 of the hard landscape, involving the construction of paved terraces to the rear of the house and steps to the lower lawn at the front, is complete and a new lawn laid.  Some planting has been carried out around the paved terraces and further planting carried out close to the nearby road and woodland to revive these neglected areas of the garden.


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