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Description of site:

The site is the garden ground immediately to the rear of a recently-constructed house in a quiet estate in the south-west of Edinburgh. The garden is generally east facing. Although there were fences on two sides and a wall on the third, privacy was a problem because of the quality of the barriers and the position of a conservatory.

The rear garden ground is rectangular in shape with the land rising from the house and then falling away. The client had planted some young specimens but these can easily be moved. Much of the ground was currently grassed but this was of poor quality. There were good views out to some good trees and the need for privacy should not preclude the inclusion of these into the garden. There was a patio already laid outside the patio door but there was no drainage at the edge and this led to ponding when it rained.

Client's brief:

The clients were looking for ideas and an outline design. They would do their own detailing and would carry out a level survey themselves and supply that information to the designer. Their main bugbear was the lack of privacy. They don’t like ‘twee’things and are interested in Scottish trees, particularly Birch (the house is called Birchwood). There was some disagreement over the question of curves versus straight lines but Mrs (client) wanted the straight lines of the current patio broken up in some way. They like stone (already had a collection of beach stones) and wood and were interested in a deck and raised beds. They didn't water because of the children, although they were prepared to have some sort of water feature which provides the sound of trickling water.

Things particularly requested were:

1. Some sort of seating area 1/2 way down the garden.

2. A pergola.

3. A flower bed to provide summer colour.

4. Year round colour

5. Some lawn.

6. Climbers on the fence.

7. A path through the lawn, perhaps with stepping stones set in gravel.

8. Some ‘clever design features’.

Current situation:

Project was completed in 2000.


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