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Diary of a garden design project
Landscape construction
Planting design
DIY gardens

The planting plan takes into account the garden's site, climate, aspect, orientation and soil conditions. It shows the location and spacing of all the plants, both new and existing, in the design.

An accompanying Schedule lists the plant names, sizes and quantities and is used for costing, ordering and setting out the plants, whether carried out by a contractor or the client.:

                Plant schedule for Drawing No. DCB P 01

genus  species/variety Pot size: Nos:
Betula pendula  7.5 lt 2
Fagus sylvatica 60-80cm root-trainer hedging 27
Sorbus commixta 7.5 lt 1
Acer japonicum Aconitifolium 5 lt 1
Aucuba japonica Variegata 3 lt 2
Azalea 'Fragrant Star' 3 lt 2
Azalea lutea 3 lt 2
Choisya ternata 3 lt 2
Cotoneaster cornubia 3 lt 2
Desfontainea spinosa 2 lt 3
Deutzia gracilis 2 lt 3

Plants are chosen first for their function (e.g. creating microclimates and structure), second for their form and scale, third for their texture and finally for their flower colour.

Plants will be chosen which emphasise the overall 'feel' which the design is attempting to create and attention will be paid to the image that different plants conjure up and to the clients own taste.

Factors which also affect plant choice is their ability to provide shelter and food for wildlife and their appeal to senses other than sight. All planting design takes account of the 4th dimension (time) both in terms of the passing of the years and of seasonal change.



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