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Description of site:

The site is the garden ground surrounding a detached bungalow-style house, of a 30s design, in the south of Edinburgh, close to the Royal Observatory. The garden generally slopes towards the North-east and there are excellent views of Arthurís Seat and Salisbury Crags. The garden is surrounded by other houses, many of which overlook it and privacy was therefore an issue. The total area of garden ground is approximately 700m2.

The garden contained some fairly mature vegetation but nothing stood  out as having any particular merit. There was an existing driveway to the garage which was in poor condition and paths were generally constructed with a tarmac finish. Garden walls had been constructed with shallow foundations. Those on the north and north-east boundaries, in particular were showing signs of movement and will have to be monitored. Planting would have to be kept well back from these to allow for any future repair work and it is recommended that drainage be investigated. A vertical crack in the masonry in a curved wall to the north of the drive should be investigated by stripping off the render coat and exposing the underlying brickwork. This should be done as a matter of urgency. (It has since been decided that these walls should have extensive repair work carried out on them)

The clients have a young child and issues of safety had to be considered in the design, particularly because of steep slopes in places. It was recommended that a topographical survey be carried out prior to any design work.

Client's brief:

A full written brief was provided by the client.

Current situation:

Hard landscape work is complete and most of the planting has been carried out.  A small bog garden has been installed and will be planted in Spring 2006.

Detail of planting after 4 months

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