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St Johns


Description of site:

The site is the garden ground to the rear of a mid-terrace Georgian town house in the Stockbridge are of Edinburgh. The garden is generally north-west facing and is overlooked by buildings to the north and west. The garden is therefore in shadow for a considerable part of the day and only the outlook to the east was worthy of note. A nearby road causes noise pollution although traffic calming measures may ameliorate this in future. The nearby Water of Leith contributes the sound of running water depending on flows.

The garden was somewhat neglected and general clearance work would have to be undertaken at the earliest including the removal of a large tree stump. There were 2 largish Cherry trees which are showing signs of disease. One of these leaned to an alarming degree and its proximity to the boundary wall would suggested that its early removal would be advisable. The stone walls were in need of repair, particularly that on the eastern boundary.

The client agreed to have a survey carried out by a land surveyor including a level survey and this was to be available before any design work were carried out.


Client's brief:

In the first instance the clients were mainly looking for ideas. The garden should relate to the new internal layout of the house. A sheltered place to sit and provision of a feeling of privacy were considered worthwhile objectives. A worthwhile view from the kitchen window/door would be appreciated. They wanted a design which utilises the available space, providing areas which can be used by their two young children as well as themselves. Some sort of structure which could serve as storage for tools etc. was to be included although this could have another function.

The client’s taste is somewhat eclectic but is dominated by an attention to space, clean lines and the use of muted tones. Quality of detail was obviously of importance.

Current situation:

All work is now complete.


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