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Broughty Ferry
Liff by Dundee


Description of the site:

The site is the garden ground surrounding a newly built detached house in a small estate in the grounds of the previous Liff Hospital close to Dundee. The surrounding landscape has the character of a wooded parkland and there are mature trees both to the East and North of the site including some within the site itself. There were also mature Rhododendrons and Laurels some of which were to be removed and others cut back. The rear garden area falls away from the house to a large open grassed communal area and it was felt the removal of a large Rhododendron would enhance the feeling of openness in this area and open up a view out to the Tay estuary. All this resulted in the rear garden having two distinct character zones: open flowing space to the South west and enclosed woodland to the South-east and East. The clients were having a dog run constructed within this woodland area. Rabbits are a problem but it was intended that rabbit fencing would be erected around the rear garden area by the building contractors.

The builders provided plans of the house and garden in digital form.

Clientsí brief:

The clients wanted a garden that is in keeping with the context of the site and reasonably easy to maintain, with raised beds for plants such as herbs and vegetables. They wanted a seating area in the rear garden away from the house and wanted the garden to be child-friendly. A dog run was being constructed and the position of this was discussed at the initial meeting as well as some general thoughts on the garden. A rough concept plan was included with the initial report to reflect these discussions.

Current situation:

Phase 1 hard landscape contract is complete and initial tree and shrub planting has been carried out.


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