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Lauder Road
Wester Coates


Description of site:

The site is the garden ground surrounding a stone-built (late 19th Century) detached house in a conservation area in the South of Edinburgh.  The garden had been long established but was showing signs of neglect and there were several areas close to the house which had been paved with concrete which was in poor condition and starting to break up.

The clients have 3 young children.

Client's brief:

The client wanted a garden that is in keeping with the house and provides both safe areas for the children to play and areas for adults to relax and entertain.  In particular they wished to open up new access doors from the house to the courtyard area to the South-east of the house and asked that this be treated as high priority.  At a later date they asked that the outbuilding to the rear of the garage adjoining this courtyard be visually improved.


Current situation:

Phase 1 hard landscape contract is complete and planting carried out.  Phase 2 is now underway.


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