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Broughty Ferry
Liff by Dundee


Description of site:

The site is the garden ground to the front and rear of a detached house in a quiet street in the village of Invergowrie on the edge of Dundee. The ground slopes down to the house from the street and then down to a small stream at the rear. The rear garden was on two distinct levels with a fairly steep slope in between and a level survey was required. The lower level beside the stream feels fairly secluded although it is overlooked by some nearby houses and has a less urban character than the areas immediately beside the house. Two sections of an existing hedge remained which marked the top of the slope to the lower area and there were some small Hawthorns and Elders on the slope.

The client had already had a design proposed and part of the work in this proposal has already been carried out: a low wall with reinforced concrete posts at intervals to carry a fence and some clearance work to the rear of the house. Because of the expense already incurred the wall and fence had to remain and had to be incorporated into any new design. The purpose of the fence was to provide privacy from nearby houses.

Client's brief:

The client was "not married to" the existing design although some consideration had to be given to its proposals. The rear garden should flow through to the lower area. The area close to the house had to be made to feel more private. The garden will be used mainly in summer and the design was to reflect this. The client and his wife have busy lives (although he is coming up to retirement) so ease of maintenance was important although both like to work in the garden and are happy to maintain it. Safety for children was a priority.

The front drive needed to be regraded and resurfaced and the steps to the front door redesigned. The garden should have a natural feel.

Current situation:

Phase 1 hard landscape contract is complete and planting has been established.

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