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St Johns


Description of site:

The site was the garden ground to the rear of a semi detached 1920s house in a quiet cul de sac in the Grange area of Edinburgh. The total area of garden ground to be considered was approximately 280m2. (Later in the project this was extended to include the driveway and the front garden.)  The garden faces north and few windows look out in this direction. There was a plan to open patio style doors into the space from the sitting room which had one window looking west onto the drive and an adjoining area of concrete. This door would require steps. (Consequently this changed to a conservatory.)  Views out were mixed but some nearby trees were worth linking visually to the garden. Nearby overlooking houses and an open-boarded fence threatened privacy as did the view from the road through to the rear garden.

There was little in the way of existing worthwhile vegetation although the clients were attached to two small and one medium tree.

There was evidence of drainage problems and the client reports that standing water is often seen in part of the garden. There was no attempt made to classify the soil and this required further investigation. The site was fairly level with only slight falls.

Client's brief:

In the first instance the clients were mainly looking for a design which would provide a structure for the garden. They felt there were too many right angles in the space at that time and would like this softened.

Things particularly requested were:

1. Screening for privacy and to hide the driveway entrance.

2. Provision for a summerhouse and a shed.

3. A path to the side door to the garage.

4. Low maintenance with year round interest.

5. Some lawn (Mrs (client) confessed to loving her lawnmower!).

6. A seating area.

7. Scented (possible use of Lavender?).

8. Soft on the eye with the use of natural materials.

9. Child friendly.

10. Washing poles to be kept although not necessarily in their current position.

11. A place for compost heaps etc.


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