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Diary of a garden design project
Landscape construction
Planting design
DIY gardens

Drawings are normally produced on either A1 or A3 paper at an appropriate scale.  Drawings are normally divided roughly into two groups.  The first of these is intended primarily for the client, to explain and illustrate the design.  The earliest drawings can be fairly abstract, such as the Concept Plan:

This is usually followed by a Sketch Design which is closer to reality, but still fairly abstract in nature.  This can either be drawn by hand -

or it can be drawn using a CAD computer package.

The sketch design will include a scale plan which can be black and white as above or have some colour to make it easier to read.

Often these plans will be accompanied by section elevations which again may be coloured.

The second group is intended for contractors although the client will receive copies.  This group includes construction details and planting plans.  Construction details will normally be shown in both plan and cross-section.  Both can occur on the same sheet


Sometimes a sheet will contain just plans e.g. setting-out plans

these plans will often refer to cross-sections which appear grouped on a separate sheet

Planting plans are usually supplied as a technical drawing, the sole purpose of which is to supply the information which will allow the correct number of plants to be accurately set out on the ground:



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