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Description of site:

The site is the garden ground to the rear of a semi-detached house in the West of Edinburgh. The garden is North facing and the house casts a lot of shade on the part of it closest to the house. The site falls away from the house and the neighbouring gardens to the North are at a lower level so any high planting on the boundary would cast shade on to them. The total area of the site under consideration was approximately 350m2.

The garden had some fairly mature planting but this was in poor condition with some trees, in particular a Poplar close to the North boundary, needing to be removed. A large Cherry was saveable with some judicious pruning. The main part of the garden was in grass with some poor quality paving close to the house.

A stone boundary wall had moved in the North-west corner and some remedial work was required in this area.


Client's brief:

The clients wanted to completely revamp the garden and were quite happy to start from scratch. They didn't hugely feel the need for lots of lawn and quite liked the Japanese garden at Lauriston Castle. Although they quite like pottering in the garden they felt that a relatively low maintenance garden would be preferable.

They like water for its sound and movement but in the manner of a rill rather than ponds and fountains. They wanted a seating area away from the shade cast by the house. They wanted a small area for growing vegetables and were interested in a summerhouse.


Current situation:

The hard landscape contract is complete and the majority of the planting done.

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