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If you want to create a garden buying shares that is tailored to your personal requirements and will enhance the quality of life for you and your family, then read on. No matter the size and location of your plot we can work with you to realise its potential and give you a garden to relax in, to entertain in and enjoy all year round.

Sam McGowan Design is a small garden and landscape design practice based in Scotland. We consider ourselves to be garden makers as much as garden architects.  We place the clients where they rightfully belong: at the centre of the design process. The balance between their needs and wishes for their garden and the demands of the site and it's landscape context lie at the heart of the practice's design philosophy.  Design drawings, project planning and project management are all carried out.

This website gives some examples of their work as garden designers, drawn from both best cryptocurrency trading platform south africa .  A description of and information on landscape construction and materials and are included. There is also a which details the various stages in the design, planning and construction of a rural garden which is still an ongoing project.  For those clients who wish to do the work of building the garden themselves but would like help to design it, refer to the page on for more information.

The principal designer, Sam McGowan, has an Honours degree in Landscape Architecture and is a Registered Member of the cheapest online trading platform south africa .  Having been involved in the landscape industry in various capacities since the late 1970s he established his garden design practice in 1995 and works on a range of projects, both urban and rural, all over Scotland. 

Contact by e-mail:  (please include a contact phone number in your message to confirm that this a genuine enquiry) or by phone: 0131 343 6536